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Bruxism / Teeth Grinding

Bruxism or tooth grinding is a common problem that can happen for numerous reasons such as stress, problems in a bite, or just a bad habit. It causes a plethora of problems including worn teeth, broken teeth, loose teeth, muscle soreness, headaches, or TMJ ( joint) pain.

The first stage of treatment is stopping the damage with the use of a custom nightguard called an orthotic. This will protect the teeth as well as relax the muscles and decrease inflammation in the joint.

The second stage of rebuilding the lost tooth structure is optional, but many of our patients choose to rebuild the lost beauty and function of their teeth. This is a highly personal decision based on how much damage has been done and a person's own value of a great smile or ideal function. Many of our patients are very happy wearing the night guard to prevent further damage. Whichever you decide, we are here to help you prevent further damage.



Why is Bruxism Bad?
Occasional bruxism may not result in damage to the teeth or jaw. However, chronic teeth grinding can cause serious dental issues. In some cases, grinding can result in tooth fracture, loosening of teeth, or the loss of teeth. Grinding over years without treatment can wear the teeth down to stumps, exposing the second layer of tooth structure which will require bridges, crowns, root canals, implants, or possibly even dentures to repair, if the teeth cannot be saved.